Choosing the right Skipper, Delivery Business or Transport Company for yacht or boat delivery can be a daunting and sometimes even a stressful prospect!

Ideally you would want to…..

  • Enter or explain the details just the once.
  • Compare as many quotations and service providers as possible.
  • Find a Specialist with a visible & proven track record.
  • Receive multiple competative quotes.
  • Reduce the travel expenses.

What if there was a way to have ALL the above AND cut out the middle man?

A way that you could approach the Skippers and Transport providers direct?

A way you could choose from the best CV’s with the best references?

And to make it even more appealing, a way to save money???

Well now there is!!! Boat Movers Compared is a unique free of charge service that gives you the access to hundreds of Skippers & Specialist Marine Transport Providers & Delivery Companies. Once your details have been entered, we will notify more than 400 specialists.

Once you receive the quotes, you can browse through the CV’s and references. Allowing you to gain the services of the best Skippers and Specialist Marine Transport Providers with the most experience at low prices!!

Benefits of using Boat Movers Compared include:

  • Access to more than 400 Skippers & Specialist Marine Transport Providers.
  • Compare the services….
  • Compare their insurance….
  • Compare the prices…..
  • Compare the savings!!!