What Is Verified?

Verified providers would have successfully gone through our verification process. When you see the “Verified” badge on a provider’s profile, you can be confident that their credentials accurately reflects their qualifications & certification, insurance cover and even their references will have been checked! Giving you more than you will receive through any “Yacht Delivery Company”!


What is the Verification Process?

After the provider has created their profile, they will then be eligible to have their credentials verified. The first step is our digital application process, where “Providers” fill out an industry-specific questionnaire and send us copies of their insurance, certification/licences, and 3 independent references, which are then reviewed by our quality assurance team.

Phone Interview
If the “Provider” successfully gets through the digital application process, they & their referees are then given detailed questioning over the phone, regarding their certifications, insurance, feedback, previous experience within the maritime industry etc.

Provider Audit
Our team reviews the “Provider’s” certification & license status, , insurance and referees to assure you that you can expect a quality service from this “Provider”.

Final Verification Review
As the final step in the “Verification Process”, our quality assurance team will examine the digital application, phone interview, and audit as an aggregate to check for consistency, quality, and discrepancies.