When a user accepts one of your quotes, they pay a deposit online which is our fee. You can see the amount of the fee when making a quote. This amount will need to be deducted from your charges to your client and will need to be counted as a cost to you the provider.

Once our fee has been received, we shall introduce you the provider to your customer. This is now your customer and Boat Movers Compared is not accountable any further.

This then simply leaves the remaining balance which you should collect directly from your customer by the terms you have specified in your quotation.

We recommend you contact your customer ASAP from receiving our confirmation and introductory email. Communication is essential with any transaction and we find that 99% of negative feedback is as a result of Skippers & Transport Providers not keeping communication channels open.

When a user accepts your quote, they are expecting YOU to make contact with them and not the other way around. So, once you have established when you are likely to be able to carry out the delivery, do get in touch with them. The user’s direct contact information is sent to you in the quote acceptance confirmation email.

Once you have made contact with the user and carried out the service, you should ask for feedback, be that positive, negative or neutral. The more positive feedback you accumulate on your account, the more work you are likely to win.