Boat Movers Compared holds only minimal personal information on our servers; furthermore we hold absolutely no payment information such as bank details or credit cards. If you paid a deposit online, these were transacted via reputable secure third parties including PayPal.

To ensure a quick and easy service, by default you remain logged into Boat Movers Compared unless you log out. So, in order to protect your Boat Movers Compared account, do remember to log off (especially if you are using a public computer).

When choosing a password for your account, we recommend you use something which is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. It is a good idea to use a combination of both UPpeR AnD LowERCase letters as well as at least one number.

You are entirely responsible for any actions taken under your account login. It is your responsibility to keep your account secure. Do not share your password with anyone!