Firstly, in order to place a quote, you must ensure your Account is fully activated. You’ll know as you won’t be able to quote until it is. This will take no longer than 24hrs.

Once your account is fully working, be sure that your profile page is complete to ensure that maximum chance of success with your quoting activity. The more information regarding your insurance, qualifications, previous experience and references you can show, the more likely you are to gain contracts! Don’t exaggerate though, as false information given that leads to gaining a contract could also lead to losing a contract and result in your profile being removed from Boat Movers Compared!

Once you have conducted a search and identified a delivery which you wish to quote on, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you are logged in and click on the delivery listing of interest so that the delivery listing page is displayed (the one with the big map).
  2. Take a look at the details of the delivery including origin, destination, and time frame requested as well as other quotes placed.
  3. The Quote Form is displayed to the side of the page.
  4. Specify the method of delivery you intend to use.
  5. Specify the time frame you are offering for collection & delivery.
  6. Specify whether or not there is an expiry or cut-off date for your quote.
  7. Indicate whether you are insured or not for the delivery.
  8. Add any additional information of what is and isn’t included in your quotation. We suggest you give as much information as you can as this will form the basis of your contract.
  9. Select the payment terms and the preferred method of payment.
  10. Add any additional payment terms that you require….(delay charges etc)
  11. Agree to our T&C’s and Submit your quote!