Boat Movers Compared feedback score is your most valuable tool in determining trustworthiness, as feedback is left by other Boat Mover Compared users after every transaction. This can be positive, negative or neutral depending on the experience. You can view a Skipper or Transport Provider’s feedback score by clicking on their name to view their profile page. This will not only break down their feedback score but you can also view actual comments left by users about the service they received.

Reviews and comments can also be made by previous clients of the provider outside of Boat Movers Compared.

If the Skipper or Transport Provider claims to be a member of a trade association, look up that association on the web (Google) and the majority will have an online directory. Look up the Skipper or Transport Provider there to verify their claims. False claims of membership to a trade association are taken very seriously both by Boat Movers Compared and the police.

HGV and operator licences can be checked at:

Skipper licences can be checked by emailing the qualification provider:

If the Skipper or Transport Provider claims to be a limited company you can check the records at Companies House: